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  • Jessica Young

Why is it important to connect?

We as human beings possess several proficient qualities.

We are capable, talented, and many of us are accomplished in our ways.

One of the nuanced virtues of being a human being is to connect and foster relationships. Connecting to people, nature, emotions, memories are all the natural endowments that enable us to grab on to our sense of belongingness.

On the other hand, in this unparalleled, inexorable march of time, it is daunting sometimes to think of ways to make new meaningful connections.

Why are human connections so important? How does it influence our minds?

To answer these questions, one must delve deeper into reasoning out what connections mean to each of us. Generally, humane connections can be defined as a set of emotions that one experiences when felt belonged to a certain troop or a place and establishes the intensity of closeness that is not otherwise felt.

From a scientific perspective, research suggests that maintaining healthy, meaningful social connections with friends and family early in life may help in slowing down cognitive decline as age progresses; and it may also help people in maintaining better thinking skills. People feeling more connected to others have decreased levels of anxiety and depression. One ground-breaking scientific study showed that lack of social connection causes more damage to health than obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure.

Cultivating bonds and relationships with people helps us to value ourselves and improves our physical health, mental health, and promotes emotional well-being. A strong social connection leads to an increased chance of longevity, strengthens our immune system, and helps us recover from diseases faster.

In today’s day and age when loneliness is on the rise, it is always a pleasant gesture to reach out to people and lend an ear to help connect better. Compassion and empathy can blossom a tree with barren branches!

Guest writer Anusha Moses

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