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What is a spiritual burnout?

Sitting by the window, watching the trees shed their leaves, drying and going on a falling spree, I am trying to think of ideas on how I can pen down an interesting blog! I will start by describing what I see, my view right now is a change of season, the trees have shifted colours, the weather is chillier than usual, it gets darker soon since the days are shorter, and the Christmas lights are up (already!).

Meaning of a spiritual burnout

Whilst I admire nature, I can’t appreciate the fact enough that nature adapts quickly to changes; every phase of shifting seasons is magnificent in its own way. Most often than not we forget that we human beings are a very valuable part and parcel of the nature itself. Like the trees, we go through changes, seek happiness, aspire for a non-monotonous lifestyle, and wish for lit-up festive days every day.

In this process of derangement, few people tend to turn to spirituality, for claiming composure, to discover one’s purpose in life and many more reasons personal to the individuals themselves. Spiritual people believe that that there is something greater to life more than their own self. I tend to hear stories about how turning spiritual has put things into perspective for many people and how life somehow seems meaningful to them. However, when there is a sudden awakening be it spiritual or otherwise, as human beings it is not uncommon to burn out after frequent overwhelming emotions of upliftment and spontaneity.

Burnouts in general are a concept with three separate elements: emotional fatigue, reification (lack of empathy), and reduced accomplishments. Spiritual burnouts in turn can cause one to question their intentions and integrity.

Burnouts can cause emotions, lack of empathy and wanting to dive into spirituality.
“The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love”- Marianne Williamson

Tips to overcome spiritual burnout

Little is more

Do not forsake your obligations completely, do as little as you can, however, keep up the consistency.

Do not function on a faulty premise

Try starting fresh by taking time to build a strong foundation and ascertain your intentions.

Practise gratitude

Recognise the things you are grateful for and notice things that have added profound meaning to your life.

Look for the little details.

Temporary disconnect and rediscover

Temporarily disconnect and add value by rediscovering your spiritual self. Use “love” and “compassion” as catalysts to affirm your beliefs.

As usual, I have a book recommendation- the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one of my favourite books of all time and one of those very rare books I have read more than once. It is a story of a young shepherd and his magical, spirited journey which leads to his destiny. It is an enthralling story embedded with spiritual values. Give it a try! 😊

Love, Anusha

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