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Together with my mother at the fair when I was fifteen years old, we decided to enter a mobile home where a medium offered free readings. Nice we thought, we will do that! She told me special things about my grandmother, things she simply could not know. In addition to beautiful messages from my grandmother - who died that year - she also told me about the strength that I carried with me in my hands. She indicated that I could really do something with it. No sooner said than done, not even consciously, but for years I have been in the kitchen and worked with food. I call it intuitive cooking, because I can't handle recipes.

After having enjoyed working in the kitchen for eight years, it is time for a new direction that ties in nicely with everything I have gained in knowledge and wisdom regarding intuitive working, namely: learning to massage. This year I am completing the Massage Therapist training and I can't wait to share the strength of my hands with you.

You can contact me for:

❤ Relaxation massage

❤ Intuitive massage

❤ Pregnancy, Child & Baby massage

❤ The wonderful power of touch in complementary care

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What does intuitive massage mean?

An intuitive massage is a holistic massage that aims to relax body and mind. During this massage I do not follow a fixed schedule, but let myself be guided with full attention by my own creativity and intuition. Intuitive massage as I give it is a holistic massage and does not only focus on the body, but also aims to restore and relax the balance on a mental and emotional level.

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