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Image by Dan Meyers
Reiki course 1 & 2



What to expect?


With a Reiki treatment you can experience what Reiki can do for you. With a Reiki 1 course you learn how to work with this universal energy and heal yourself.


During the course:
  • You learn more about your own beliefs and patterns;

  • You discover the power of the self-healing ability;

  • Meet like-minded people;

  • You receive initiations - so you are able to receive and give Reiki

A special journey for you​


Reiki can bring you into balance on several levels: ​


  • Physical

  • Mentally

  • Energetic

  • Spiritual ​


Reiki is a very powerful Japanese healing art. It is a universal energy that is always in abundance and can be passed on through the touch of our hands and later on by visualisation. It has been scientifically proven that a natural life energy flows from our hands that reduces or even completely solves pain. That's Reiki. ​


You start with Reiki 1. Read more about the course structure here.

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