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Reiki is een Japanse helingskunst. Een universele levensenergie. Reiki behandeling in Enschede of Hengelo tegen stress of pijn klachten.


Do you recognize this?


Your stomach hurts and you put your hand on your stomach. You bumped yourself and rub your hand over the sore spot. Or you have a headache and put your hand on your head. Reiki is a very powerful Japanese healing art. It is an universal energy that is always abundant and can be passed on through our hands. It has been scientifically proven that a natural life energy flows from our hands that reduces pain or even dissolves it completely. That is Reiki.



Rei = spirit or soul

Ki = energy or life force



How does a Reiki treatment work?


Suppose you often feel tired and restless and you come to me for a Reiki treatment. You can tell me what your complaints are, but you don't have to. Reiki knows where it needs to go. During the Reiki treatment I pass on energy through my hands. The Reiki energy that is present in the universe, passes through me to you. The healing power from Reiki can bring more balance and peace and stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body.


What should I do?


By sitting or lying down and closing your eyes I help pass on Reiki energy. Your body and mind receive energy through my hands.


You can compare it to food. If you have not eaten enough, you can feel weak. Until you eat. Through nutrition you give your body energy, so that your body can recover. Through Reiki you give your body extra energy, so that you experience less stress, pain or blockages.



Reiki can balance you on the holistic levels:


  • Physical

  • Mentally

  • Emotional

  • Energetic

  • Spiritual



A Reiki treatment provides the most diverse reactions and results such as:

  • A warm and euforic feeling

  • Tingling in the body

  • A relaxed and calm feeling

  • Sleep better

  • Sometimes sweating

  • Sadness, sudden anger or… cheerfulness and happy

  • The functioning of our organs stimulated

  • Positive effect for hormone levels

  • Our self-healing ability is stimulated

  • These are just examples, every person is unique and experiences a treatment in his or her own way


Want to become a Reiki practitioner? Click here for more info.

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Reiki is voor het zelfgenezend vermogen en emoties. Spiritueel, fysiek en mentaal kan reiki helpen.
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